Why UEL works for me – and for my clients

Lynsey Murray is an Associate Lawyer with Mackintosh & Wylie LLP in Kilmarnock, one of Ayrshire’s most respected law firms, dating back to the 1880s. A University of Strathclyde graduate, Lynsey qualified over four years ago and trained with the Elizabeth Welsh Family Law Practice in Ayr before joining Mackintosh & Wylie, member of the UEL network.

What attracted you to the field of employment law?

“When I joined Mackintosh & Wylie, the partners explained that employment law was an area where they could see growth. It required more attention in our firm and I was happy to accept that as a challenge.”

How and why did you get involved?

“My traineeship was in all aspects of family law, so when I moved to Mackintosh & Wylie I wanted to broaden my experience. I have been working alongside Campbell Fullarton, who is a highly experienced employment lawyer, and a member of the UEL network, and Lesley Dowdalls, on the court practice side. Employment law is an area where I feel I can build my knowledge and expertise.”

Does being part of the United Employment Lawyers’ network help?

“While I’m established in family law, I’m relatively new to employment law and I’m keen to build the client service locally. So being a part of United Employment Lawyers is extremely helpful for me and my clients. Employment law can be a minefield and UEL is keeping me up-to-date.”

What does a typical working day look like in Kilmarnock?

“Every day brings varied and interesting challenges. I am principally a court practitioner and I spend a lot of my mornings in the local courts, generally in the jurisdiction of Strathclyde, taking in Kilmarnock, Ayr, Paisley and sometimes in Glasgow and Dumbarton.”

Are you seeing an increase in your employment law activity?

“I am certainly busier. I’ve noticed more people are coming through the door with employment law matters. I’ve done quite a few disputes that have settled on the morning of the Employment Tribunal.”

Why can UEL help you and your clients?

“There is a great network of Scottish lawyers. Recently I had a case which required deeper learned advice and I was able to contact a senior employment law practitioner, who is part of the UEL network. We were able to talk it through and I could then go back to my client with a proposal. Being part of UEL, I don’t feel as if I’m on my own.”

Why do you think employment law is important for local Scottish law firms?

“We’re part of our local communities and therefore, as lawyers, we are often much closer to our clients. That means we can help them when they need prompt, local advice. Word is quickly spreading about this in Kilmarnock. I think that Campbell and myself are the only people handling it in our area. Sometimes employment law can appear quite intimidating, again knowing that you have the support of the UEL lawyers is very comforting for me.”