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Employment law is a specialist area, it affects almost everyone at some point in life, and if clients are to receive the right advice they need to have access to the right lawyers.

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What Our Clients Say

At Falkirk Employment Law, Fraser Tait and Fiona Munn combine their experience to offer a broad range of services in the employment law field. For employers we can cover all your contract, policies & procedures needs: we can also advise on individual issues which arise such as discipline, redundancy, dismissal and discrimination. Our aim is to find a practical solution in the shortest possible time to allow you to get back to running your business. For employees we can advise on your employment protection rights and liaise with your employer with a view to achieving a satisfactory solution on an amicable basis.

Falkirk Employment Law

We deal with digital distribution of music. We wanted to use a law firm who were good at what they do but who also had a modern and friendly approach that would suit our kind of business. We have used ELP to frame our employment contracts and employment policies, which are well drafted and tailored to suit and protect our business. We are also able to call them when anything legal comes up in the business that we need some guidance on, whether it be staffing issues or anything else. This is probably the best part of the service we receive – ELP are always happy to help, and we can speak to them as business advisers as well as employment lawyers. We would definitely recommend ELP to any business needing employment law or just general advice.

EmuBands Ltd. Ally Gray, Director

We are a small Edinburgh based Holiday accommodation letting and management agency. When we recently realized that we needed to formalize employment contracts for our staff. We asked advice from colleagues friends and family and ELP solicitors were recommended to us . We have found them to be very helpful and friendly and would gladly recommend them to any one requiring help and advice regarding employment law.

Edinburgh Holiday Accommodation. Anabel Lyth

I came to see you for advice on this problem because when you were acting for the Claimant in the case against me previously I was impressed with your no nonsense and practical approach to settling the case.” And “You were absolutely brilliant throughout the whole saga and were so professional and non-judgemental – and friendly! I admire your ability to know your profession inside out and be able to ‘get to the bottom’ of the situation. As I have not had to use a lawyer before, I was a little nervous but felt very comfortable telling you the whole story.

DB, Orkney

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