The Ruling On Holiday Pay Which Has Emerged From The Employment Appeal Tribunal

Holiday Pay Claims Lawyers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland on The Ruling On Holiday Pay Which Has Emerged From The Employment Appeal Tribunal

The UK’s Business Secretary Vince Cable has been forced to respond to an employment tribunal ruling decision that has wide repercussions for businesses across the UK.

He is setting up a taskforce to assess the possible impact of the ruling on holiday pay which has emerged from the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

The taskforce will consist of a selection of government departments and business representative groups. The taskforce will provide a forum to discuss how the impact on business can be limited.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Government will review the judgment in detail as a matter of urgency. To properly understand the financial exposure employers face, we have set up a taskforce of representatives from government and business to discuss how we can limit the impact on business. The group will convene shortly to discuss the judgment.”

Malcolm Mackay, the chairman of United Employment Lawyers, said: “This ruling will have a major impact on firms across the UK – especially if there is a challenge for back pay. The whole issue has thrown employment law into the spotlight and onto the front pages. I can see why this might be a major concern for business.”

Employment law experts within the UEL network are expected to make submissions to the task force.

Employers and workers can also contact the Acas helpline for free and confidential advice.

In the judgment the UK Employment Appeal Tribunal decided that holiday pay should reflect non-guaranteed overtime.