We’re listening all the time to experts in their field

At United Employment Lawyers, we are committed to fairness and justice. Today law at work is now a complex area and often a minefield for an individual or for a business. We are happy to help either. All of our United Employment Lawyers are able to handle employment law cases with the comfort and certainty that they have a panel of expertise across the country able to help.

We have access to leading expertise in employment law.

Our United Employment Lawyers network is run by lawyers. We’re not an insurance company or an employment consultancy. What you get is access to fully-qualified legal minds in your local area. Through our local members, you have the back-up and support of a team of expertise with many decades of experience in handling and resolving disputes and working within the employment tribunal system. Whether you are an individual, a small business or the human resources director with a major organisation, we have the capabilities to help you.

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