UEL supports the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation

Our Charity of the Year 2014: United Employment Lawyers are proud and delighted to supporting the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation.

A message from Malcolm Mackay, founder and chairman of UEL.

Dear Friends

My wife Amanda and I are delighted to be able to do something remarkable. We’re taking part in the fundraising event in Glasgow on 26th April 2014 on behalf of the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation. Lauren, a teenager from Kilmarnock, was only 15 when she died of a form of Vasculitis, an extremely rare condition that is difficult to diagnose. We hope to join hundreds of other fund-raisers who will come along and support this wonderful charity which bears Lauren’s name.

Why the Lauren Currie’s Twilight Foundation? I was out of action for some time as a result of vasculitis. My slow deterioration in health began in 2007 and included a reduction in energy as well as shooting pains in the limbs. It was followed by a sharp decline to the point where my condition looked terminal in January 2011. But for the brilliance and care of the doctors and staff at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and the Western General Hospital, who managed to diagnose the reason just in time, I would not have survived. Following a lengthy drugs regime, I have been in remission for a year and although the illness has left permanent damage including chronic pain and reduced mobility, I consider myself very lucky to have survived and but for these interventions United Employment Lawyers would never have come into existence.

Tragically, as I was in decline, Lauren died from another form of vasculitis. She had been presenting with symptoms over a lengthy period of time but her diagnosis was too late to save her. Her parents set up the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation, in memory of their only daughter to raise funds for research into the condition and to provide support for vasculitis sufferers. During my recovery period I got to know Lauren’s parents well and have been inspired by their achievements in raising funds for research.

Early diagnosis is essential if vasculitis is to be kept under control but many doctors have never come across it. It is complex and rare and often mimics other illnesses, making diagnosis particularly difficult.

Even those who survive the illness face continuing obstacles such as unemployment (particularly if they have jobs involving physical work) and depression. As an employment lawyer, unemployment is a subject dear to my heart and I will be working with LCTF on a voluntary basis to assist them in dealing with employment related queries from victims of vasculitis.

My wife Amanda has been my anchor and with me all the way. She never allowed me to give up hope. I know it was very tough on her. We will both be participating in the sponsored 5k walk/run to raise funds for research.

Amanda has set up a page for donations to help LCTF on Just Giving at http://www.justgiving.com/owner-email/pleasesponsor/Amanda-Mackay1.

Thank you
Malcolm Mackay

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation will be the sponsored charity for United Employment Lawyers in 2014

Please take the time to find out more about the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation and the event in Glasgow.