What Our Members Say

“From the moment I heard about the United Employment Lawyers concept I liked it. As UEL evolved into a working business, Macleod & MacCallum joined as a member and we are now proud to be associated with it. We consider this to be a badge of quality.

For me, there are many benefits arising from being part of UEL. These include the ability to work with and access the expertise of great lawyers across the country and the fact that our clients can have access to an insurance solution that helps them manage risk.

I like the fact that UEL was created with a simple objective – to further the interests of clients by providing the best possible service at a reasonable price wherever it is needed. Regularly meeting with some of the keenest minds in employment law to discuss trends and approaches in what is an extremely fast-changing area of law means that Macleod & MacCallum remains at the forefront of providing the highest quality employment law advice.”

Graham Laughton, Macleod & MacCallum, Inverness

“There are a number of things that appeal to me about our firm being part of UEL. First, that UEL has been designed and developed entirely around the interests of clients. The main purpose is to ensure that clients, wherever they are in the country, have access to the highest quality advice at reasonable cost. Employment law is a complex field and previously the ability to provide a full service to clients was beyond the reach of many high street and regional law firms. We can now provide a fully comprehensive service to clients in the Borders region, confident in the knowledge that in more complex matters we can work with some of the finest employment specialists in the country.

Since we joined UEL our employment business has grown steadily as our expertise has developed. We benefit a great deal from the regular training we get to ensure that we are up-to-date. We also get full support in the business aspects of providing an employment law service. The firms in the network are of very high quality. Of parBcular significance to me is that they share values and commitment to excellent service provision. Although we are all in different parts of the country, the issues we face as high street and regional law firms are the same. I have had a tremendous response to the concept from my clients. They really like the fact that they can get this type of advice locally.”

Iain Burke, Borders Employment Law

“My clients benefit from my membership of UEL because it allows me to call upon other employment law experts when needed, not only just when I’m not available or when there is a conflict but also to bounce some ideas around and to sensecheck my advice. As a small employment law business this is invaluable, and the link with UEL ensures I can truly offer strength and depth to my clients. In other words, clients have the best of both worlds: the same strength of larger employment teams, whilst enjoying the personal touch and service, and better value, which I can offer.

From a personal and business point of view having the support of the UEL team and other UEL members not only gives me the comfort of having excellent expert back up when needed, but I also receive proactive advice and help on developing my business. It’s an excellent model which works at every level, and which is supported by the UEL values of delivering excellent advice and service at reasonable prices. It is fair to say that if I had not joined UEL I would not have set up my own employment law business in the first place, nor would had anything like the rapid growth I have had in my first year of business.”

Ben Thornber, Thornber Employment Law, Fife

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