Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine if a firm is a suitable member?

For the sake of all members we must ensure that UEL firms comply with our shared commitment to quality standards in delivering employment law services. Our selection process includes consideration of a combination of factors including reputation in the market, market research, directory entries (Legal 500 etc), peer review and client testimonials.

Do I have to be an employment law specialist to join UEL?

No, as long as you are involved in providing employment law support to your clients, and are committed to providing a high quality service.  You will get support from UEL and from specialists in the network.

What does membership cost?

There are various tiers of membership depending on which products and services you wish to access. Higher membership tiers come with additional levels of support and advice from UEL.  A basic membership subscription can start at only £25.00 plus vat per month. Details of higher tiers are available on request.

Does UEL charge referral fees for business referred to member firms?

No, we charge a flat monthly membership subscription in exchange for providing membership and support services to UEL member firms.  Members are free to refer clients between each other.

If I join will I be tied into a long-term membership contract?

No, our membership contract allows members to terminate with three months notice, but earlier termination in certain circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

Do you operate any form of territorial exclusivity?

No, but we always take care to ensure that there is no potential for conflict or overlap between member firms before admitting a new member. We always ensure that the interests of existing member firms are not compromised.

Will I be able to contribute to the thinking and future direction of UEL if I am a member?

Yes, development of UEL is a constant process of listening to member firms about ways in which we can assist them in developing their employment law offerings.

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